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Empowering you from the ground up




Edelweise is a career coaching and corporate diversity consulting firm.


We help individuals elevate their professional and personal lives by removing the blocks that are getting in the way of achieving their goals. 

All Hands In

Meet Carmen

Certified Diversity Professional and Career Coach 

Carmen brings passion and excellence to everything she sets out to accomplish.  She has a diverse toolkit that can be tailored to fit the needs of each client. 

She has built her credentials as a graduate and certified professional of:  

  • Cornell University Industrial Labor Relations Diversity, and Inclusion Management Program - CCDP (Cornell Certified Diversity Professional)

  • iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching), a fully accredited program of the International Coach  Federation (ICF)

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC) issued by ICF

Carmen is also an adjunct instructor at Cornell University ILR Scheinman Institute.


Our Services

Executive Coaching

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 6.22.00 AM.png

Some truths are simple: our beliefs are the roots of our thoughts; our thoughts lead to our actions; and our actions create a result.  By starting with the awareness of this simple

truth, Edelweise Consulting can equip clients with customized tools and techniques to get immediate and sustainable results in all areas of their professional and personal lives.  This methodology is embedded into everything we do. Whether working with a team or one-on-one, the work starts by empowering each individual from the ground up to be more purposeful, fulfilled, and inclusive. 

Energy Leadership Assessment

360 Leadership Assessment

Talent & Team Development

Resolution Conflict


Employee turnover, poor morale, low productivity, and negative results all exist because people often avoid having consequential or “scary” conversations. Well, the buck stops here. In this workshop, we will give participants a common language and tactical tools to resolve conflict in a meaningful and impactful way.

High Fives

Executive Presence

Command the attention you deserve.  In this workshop, we deliver the 8 C’s  to ensure you are entering the room (physical or virtual) and conducting business with the most effective executive presence.


No More Excuses: The Power of Now

Your excuses are holding you back -- admit it! You have the power to change anything in your life, but first you have to recognize this simple fact.  In this workshop, we first get you to identify obstacles in your life (professional or personal). Second, we train you to shift your perspective and energy to move past your obstacles to achieve your goals.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our interactive diversity training sessions and customized consulting strategies are designed to bring colleagues closer together through their differences.  This allows for better decisions to be made, greater innovation to surface, and ultimately more revenue to improve the bottom line. With this goal in mind, Edelweise Consulting has partnered with Point Made Learning (PML) to deliver diversity training through the art of storytelling.  We believe that the physiological reaction our brains have to stories, enables us to create a space where people can be open, have fun, get serious, get educated, and get equipped with the tools necessary to have a more inclusive and productive workplace.

American Dream Experience


This is a structured-play experience originally developed by Dr. Jennifer Yim, a cross-cultural psychologist at the University of Michigan.  It is designed to get us thinking, understanding, and caring about the ways institutions, systems, and individuals interact with one another, depending on our race, gender, income, sexuality, ability, religion, and nationality.  It also demonstrates how these interactions affect our path toward success - however we define for ourselves.

Was It Something I Said?


Have you ever offended someone or have been offended by someone else? Of course you have - - we all have been on both sides of this scenario and often we either kept silent or had an awkward conversation. This workshop provides the tactical tools to have these difficult and necessary conversations with empathy and compassion regardless of which side of the conversation you find yourself on.

Blind Spot


We are all biased and our biases are woven into every decision we make. In this workshop we explain how our biases are formed and bring awareness to the different types of bias that often show-up in the workplace. By bringing this awareness, we are then able to equip participants with tools to pause and adjust before execution.  This allows participants to interrupt old response patterns of thinking and ultimately reduce discriminatory behaviors.

Look Deeper: Race

​Online learning experience supplemented with facilitated discussions, interactive lessons and reflection exercises that will educate, inspire, and motivate your team members to build inclusion, together. Participants complete the online modules on their own time and then come together with colleagues for good old-fashioned conversation for one of the most in-depth programs on race available.

Diversity Consulting

Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategic approach begins at the attraction phase and encompasses the whole life cycle of the employee and the customer.  

Through our assessments and diagnostics, we help companies see where they are on their journey.  Together we work to strategically design and implement policies, programs and procedures to being a more diverse and inclusive place to work, operate, and serve.

Organizational Needs Assessment

DEI External Communications & Social Media Forensic Assessment  

Facilitated Discussions & Creating Space


Carmen's coaching helped me to make my dream life  come true.  Her coaching style gave me the space I needed to get clarity and focus on my true goals,  tools to clear my inner blocks and the confidence to take action. 

~ Aditya G.

Carmen, not only created a truly safe place for me to be me but also showed so much attention, compassion and authenticity on our coaching calls. Her enthusiasm, wisdom, and energy inspired me beyond my usual ways to do my business. She has a big heart and a special gift to offer the world. I feel so fortunate to be on the receiving end of all of her amazing coaching.

~ Kai P.

I was stuck in a job I didn't love. Carmen's coaching helped me find a better job which also resulted in a higher salary.  She also helped me take control over my time.  This awarded me with the "time" to finally follow my dream of launching my own business.

~ Gilmanda A.

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